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Welcome to the BePascal Homepage!
The aim of BePascal is to provide you with an ObjectPascal wrapper around the BeAPI
(BeOS Application Programming Interface).
That, plus the use of the Free Pascal Compiler allows you to create GUI applications for your most loved Operating System: BeOS.
Latest Project's News
 BePascal First Release!!! - submited by: The BePascal Team | 9 Oct 2003.

 Yes, you read it well. We have a first release of BePascal!
 You can see our entry on or you can download it from our download section.
 Please use the mailing lists to post your comments regarding this release. Thanks, and good coding.

 New version of FPK - submited by: BiPolar | 9 Oct 2003.
 Bug-fix version 1.0.8 is out

 Ok, 1.0.10 is out too, but not for BeOS yet (the difference between the two version are small).
 According to the FPK site, this is probably the last release before 1.2!!!
 See our download section for a link to the compiler, or pay a visit to the FPK crew.
 Keep up the good work guys!.

 New Website design - submited by: BiPolar | 24 Jun 2003.
 New website? where? mmm, THIS is the new one (sorry guys! :P) more

 Full news are here (read'em all!).  Previous news are (will be) located here (déjà vu!).
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