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About the BePascal Project
The aim of BePascal is to provide you with an ObjectPascal wrapper around the BeAPI
(BeOS Application Programming Interface).
That, plus the use of the Free Pascal Compiler allows you to create GUI applications for your most loved Operating System: BeOS.
Project Info/History/Legend
In the Beginning there was C/C++
But... many people doesn't like those languages, or simply doesn't know them so...

And did the compiler
Nice! the crowd said... but... wait a minute... we can't create GUI apps for BeOS, only console applications!

And was put online...
[to be continued]


 - What is this?
 - What is NOT?
 - Who are you?
 - Why you are doing this? for Christ sake!
 - Why you don't answer any of these questions???

  Because we are coding right now... what do you prefer: .pas or .html, hmm? ;-P

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