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BePascal Documentation
In this page you'll find all the documentation regarding BePascal.
We will be doing regular updates to this page to include the docs as soon as they are finished.

If you already know Object Pascal, almost all you need is the BeBook, the Free Pascal Compiler documentation and our source code (there's a demo app, and more on the way).
BePascal Docs

For pascal starters (or oldies who want to refresh concepts) we collected several good links.
Topics are: different flavors of Pascal, introduction to OOP, basic use of Pascal and language references.

You can access those documents on the "Pascal Language" section of these pages.

The documentation for BePascal is being written at this moment, if you want to take a look, You should browse to this wiki page

As soon as docs are completed, we will put them right here, thanks for your patience.

Other good sources of information
   - The Annotated BeBook
   - BeHappy

 FreePascal Compiler:
   - Online Documentation
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