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This site is hosted by
BePascal Team Roaster
Whom are the men behind the masks? you may wonder (yeah, riiight! :P).
Well, to answer your (hipothetical) question we put some info about us on this page.

Here you'll find not only the names (and aliases) of these fine folks, but also contact information, in case you want to join us, or just send to us your comments, bug reports, etc.

This page will also host a list of the contributors to the project (people that are not formal/active members of the team, but that have proven to be helpfull in a way or another).
Team Members & Contact info
 Active Developers:

 Olivier Coursiere (oco)
  - Lead developer.
  - Location: France.
  - ocoursiere at
 Eric Jourde (Baldur)
  - Team Manager, Developer.
  - Location: France.
  - baldur63 at
 Oscar Lesta (BiPolar)
  - Developer, Webslave.
  - Location: Argentina.
  - oscarl-2 at

 Non active developers (Real Life keeps them too busy, for now :-)

 Matt Emson (memson)
  - Project starter. Developer
  - Location: England.
  - memson at


  - Vladimir Agafonov (Greenrul)
  - ChaOS

  (Many thanks folks!)

  (if you think that we have forgot you: please excuse us! and send us a mail to refresh our memory :-P )
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